Japanese Booksellers

Nichigetu-Do (Aoyama, Tokyo)
Azuchi-Do (Jiyugaoka, Tokyo)
Keibunsha (Ichijyo-ji, Kyoto)
Chikuho-Shoro (Tera-Machi, Kyoto)
Bandwagon (Akasaka, Fukuoka)
Morioka-Shoten (Nihonbashi, Tokyo)
Komiyama-Shoten (Jinbo-Cho, Tokyo)
Isseido-Shoten (Jinbo-Cho, Tokyo)
Tegamisha (Chofu, Tokyo)

Since I started taking pictures for the magazine, one year has passed. These are part of a series of The portrait of 21 century old bookstore. This series is being published every month on very old magazine called Japanese old book communication which started in 1934 in Japan.

 I am enjoying this work not because I am a bookseller but because these are very precious documentary. 
“What will happen to bookstores in the future?” “Does the book replace to the E-book?
I think nobody can answer it. but I believe that recording the present bookstore is going to be a valuable documentary for future generations. Therefore, I am doing this work.

January 11, 2012

11 responses to Japanese Booksellers

  1. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant. Love the idea and the shots. Would love to see more. So interesting to see the state of the shops and the characters that run them. Says a lot about each personality :-)

  2. Dairo Koga says:

    Thank you. Some shop is very clean and neat, and some shop is dirty and super stinky...that's very funny! A bookstore is like a owner's private room.

  3. n says:

    Lots of people I've befriended, I know, I've met, on your beautiful pictures... Cheers.

  4. Dairo Koga says:

    Thank you. Have to say your "Japanese Book" is one of my favorite.

  5. Fabrizio says:

    Great work, Koga-san. These shots tell a lot about each one of the bookseller and are full of intriguing details.... Hope to meet you soon!

  6. Dairo Koga says:

    Thanks for your nice feedback fabuchan. Hope you are well. See you next time!

  7. beauty of silence – inner landscapes. i love reading books and the calm sounds in libraries.


  8. Dairo Koga says:

    I'm glad you love this. Thanks for the nice comments Marija.

  9. Olivier Stevens says:

    Introducing people in their own world speaks so much more than a basic portrait,

    Each of these pictures tell the same story while each story is different.

    Smart and simple.

  10. Dairo Koga says:

    Thank you so much Olivier-san. Your comment is that what I meant to say. Cheers :)

  11. yugen says:

    It seems Bandwagon has brought its shutters down.

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